Monday, August 24, 2009

Work Redemption

Well, we made it back from Florida unscathed. No hurricane, not even any rain to speak of actually.

Turns out the meetings went really well. I think I even received a little work karma. One of the people I presented to responded to my "Thank You" email with the following:

"On a personal note…as I meet and work with many people from many companies I must say you personally provide an aura of energy and positive vibes that I rarely see in individuals…and you do an excellent professional job in your work…it was very much a pleasure meeting you and hope everything works out well!"

Get out-a-town man! I have to say...I was so flattered it was hard to not forward this to everyone I work with. Is that bad? Is it wrong that I want to parade my compliments around like a set of perky boobs and flat abs? I was, in fact, able to contain myself and only forwarded it to the person I presented with. Of course, he does own the company, and he did forward it to the rest of the group. Alas, I also posted it here, on the internet for all the world to see. Ewe...I think I'm done now. I have officially overdone my prideful display of a compliment.

I better be careful or my good work karma will bite me in the butt with the "pride" thing. That may have already happened actually. I mean, I have not heard if we won the deal yet...

The past weekend was great, Cyr and I just hung around the house, watched movies and relaxed. I also discovered that Duncan is shedding fur like crazy. It's like he is actually molting or something. So now I'm trying to brush him once a day to remove the hair in an orderly fashion as opposed to having black hair flying around the house. I hate it when there is a nice ray of sun pouring in a window and just when you smile and think; "Ah, the sun, how beautiful!" you see floating hairs and dust and think: "Ah, the sun, it shows me how I need to dust!" Poor Duncan, he's a little behind for the summer shedding thing, it's been hot here in Texas since March or so. Guess his little body is still on French time.


Leesa said...

WOW, Susan! That's a wonderful compliment... I actually already knew that, though.. Because when I first met you, that is exactly the impression I had of you... on a personal level.. : )
You exude good karma and good vibes, girl-- and you give it out to everyone....
I wish you were still here... so we could meet up in Paris or Lille this summer.... Oh well, maybe one day you and Cyr will come back to France.
Right now, all is well... We are having a HUGEEEEEE summer storm with TONS of loud thunder and bright flashes of lightning... It's warm out and the sun is starting to set so it's bright amidst the dark gray skies... Eerie, even.. .But, cool!
All my best! When you have a chance, could you send me an email, as I have a new computer and don't have your email anymore...
Merci... Hugs, Leesa

Susan in Lille said...

You are so sweet, just like your cupcakes!! Thanks for the complement, you made me blush.

Oh - I sent you an email as well, post again if you don't get it!
Hugs - Susan

Kate said...

You know, compliments like that come along just once in a while. You SHOULD bask a little!