Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting Outdoors

I did a little traveling last week with work and slacked off the blogging...but I was thinking about it!!

Cyr and I have been trying to get outside and do stuff, although in the 98% humidity and 97 degree heat it's been hard. We did, however, make it out to Brazos Bend State Park a few weeks ago. For those of you who have not had the chance, or really the desire, to make the trip; it's worth it!

I have lived here most of my life and had never been to the park. It's less than an hour from Houston and there are not only all kinds of birds to check out, but the main attraction...alligators! Here is a little beauty we saw on the trail almost blocking the bridge to cross a little river. You can't tell, but this guy is about 6 foot long. I'm not exaggerating either. If I was I would say he was 9 foot long.

No, there are not fences. Yes, there are signs everywhere saying "don't feed the aligators" and "don't poke the aligators!". I'm telling you these things were everywhere!

Cyr, the French guy, was telling me all about the gators and how you see them. I thought "Sure, so all the little children can run up and pet them...right...America is a safer place than that."


I for one will not ever be bringing a kid to that park under the age of 5. The child I do take there will have to be tied to me in case I need to jerk him/her back away from any reptiles. Here is one of the fellas swimming along in the bog.

Can you see him (or her)? He's in the back of the photo with his tail streaming out and his eyes just above the surface. No swimming for me thank you.

We did see some friendlier animals. Here's a bird.

And another bird.

And a cute French guy by a tree.

So there you go, a weekend in Texas! Now you know what to do when you come to Houston! Just make sure to bring the bug spray if you come in June or July. They actually were not that bad, but we also might have poisoned ourselves with the amount of Deepwoods Off we used....


Jane said...

We went to Brazos Bend State Park once on a school trip. I got in trouble because an alligator hissed at me. I was like, "the alligators are everywhere; how was I supposed to prevent that?" But oh well. It was a *really* cool trip.

Bethy{aka}lilsis said...

It's always been humid when I've been in Houston :-P
Yeah, gators freak me out. I can remember seeing quite few in Louisiana and they had warning signs everywhere "Don't get too close to the water" "Don't feed the aligators" etc etc. Makes you wonder just how little common sense most poeple have.

Leesa said...

WOW!! And I thought me being wigged out by the wild boars here in France was something! I think gators top that!!! I can't imagine, knowing me and how clumsy I am, I'd fall right into it's jaws!!!!
That is wild... they're just all around like that in their natural habitat...
Nice hearing about it...