Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Word of the Day


Just say it.  Please?  You have to.  Say it out loud!!  Asfahrt.  If you are not smilling right now then something could be wrong.  That is the most fun word!  I see it all the time in Munich.  It means "exit".

Things are good here but if I were the bride I would have freaked out a few times already.  The people she ordered the appetisers from for the vin d'honour took her order, she confirmed Monday, then they called her cell Monday afternoon and told her they could not do it because they had another party.  WHAT??  They confirmed her two weeks ago and that morning!  But problem solved with another place and a fantastic family.  Her sisters are making the food now and I bet it will be fantastic.  

Well, I am going to asfahrt this post and head to get some rest for tomorrow.  Hehe...

Oh...I tried on a traditional Bavarian dress today, with the pushed up boobs and everything!  I looked like I should be bringing very large beers to people.  Promise to post the picture next week.


Justin said...

More specifically 'Ausfahrt' is 'exit' for vehicles. 'Ausgang' is an exit for people, so look for that when in a parking garage or airport... but look for 'ausfahrt' while on the highway. It is funny because the first time I was driving in Germany I thought it was a sign for a city, and kept asking my friend if we could go hang out in 'Ausfahrt'... luckily he corrected me after I soon realize all the exits had a sign for this. ;-)

Speaking of Bavarian dress... I need to look in to a hotel for Oktoberfest this year!!!

Andromeda said...

German has so many funny words, I love it. Sounds like you're having fun in Munich! I am forgoing the hotel and will sleep in the car for Oktoberfest, oh the sacrifces for beer!

Susan said...

Justin - I thought the same thing about the exit signs. "Wow, that city just goes on forever, and you can get there from anywhere!"
The tents are up for Oktoberfest, it's HUGE...

Andromeda - I admire your tenacity! You know they have great park benches too...hehe.