Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wedding Success (Part 1)!!

WOOHOO!!! It's over!!

Well folks...the weekend was a great success. Even the weather cooperated! It was a beautiful sunny day and crisp, clear evening. I could not have imagined it going any better. Well, maybe a little, the only snaffu was that the bus that was supposed to pick the guests up from the church was 15 minutes late, and then it had a problem getting out of the neighborhood because the streets are so narrow. I was worried it was going to get stuck, but after what seemed like a very long time, many horn honks and frustrated French people later, they were off to Belgium!! Where, by the way, the Champagne was excellent, the food amazing and the Chateau a perfect romantic setting for our little party. (Pictures to come later as our photographer left on a two week vacation yesterday...damn it...)

I only have the pictures from my camera, and as I was the bride, I don't actually have any of myself to post yet, but those will come soon!! So here is a photo parade of the beginning of my week last week. It started in Paris, where I met my friends Lori B., Tracy and Melinda. After heaving our luggage up 5 flights of stairs we went out an enjoyed the town.

My family came in the next day (Monday) and we went on a fantastic tour that included dinner at the Eiffel Tower, a river cruise on the Seine and a show at the Moulin Rouge with Champagne.

Above you can see my friends and family that came in to help us celebrate. From left to right we have Cousin Sally, Mom, Aunt Helen, Joyce and Kathy. The Eiffel Tower is gorgeous right now with the blue lights and the stars representing the European Union. During dinner the lights went off and twinkled brightly as if to sign out "Welcome Everyone! Congratulations Susan and Cyriaque!" It was really the highlight of my trip to Paris. Although the after affects of the Champagne the next day were pretty rough. I have realized that it's not a good idea to drink Champagne in the dark. You don't count your glasses and then before you know it, it's too late...I tried to hang in the next day but I was feeling about a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10.

I also had a great treat in getting to meet Leesa the Cupcake Princess!! If you don't know Leesa, go check out her blog. She is an American who has been in Paris for quite a while and has really been a source of moral support for me in my effort to try to fit in this strange land they call France. Here is Leesa and I right before breakfast.

We had a girls night out the Friday before the wedding in Lille as well. But this time I paid attention, I was not about to have a bad day on my Big Day. Her is the crew from Houston that came to see me (missing is Ann, not sure where she sneaked off to, she will show up in later pictures though!)

There is Lori, Lori, Tracy and Melinda. They all brought awful things they make me wear...someone better put an APB out on Big Bird...I think he is missing...

That is me with Alina, she is married to Cyr's best friend and lives in Romania. She is the bride we went to see in Munich a few weeks ago. After this we all went out salsa dancing and had a great time. More photos to come!!

PS - Thank you so much for all the kind emails and posts!!


Isabelle said...

Tous mes voeux de bonheur et de longue vie pour toi et Cyriaque !
I can't wait to see the wedding pictures ;)

Kate said...

I don't know why champaign makes the worst possible hangover, but it does! CONGRATULATIONS, and I'm looking forward to hearing more stories from your big day.

wcs said...

Congrats! Glad everything went well - looking forward to more photos!

Susan in Lille said...

Thanks to you all for posting a comment! I just got some pictures up...a friend of mine emailed them to me yesterday. I was so thankful, I didn't even have anything to send my Dad...but now I do!

Leesa said...

Hi Susan....

I'm back to the blog world after a very busy week with my friend, Lindsey who is visiting til Monday... Soooo, I just now am "catching up" on my fav. blogs!!!
Thanks sooo much for your kind words... You're sooo sweet... Sooo nice meeting you and your mom last week.... I hope you are able to come back to Paris again soon sometime... or that Alex and I can come to your end and visit you guys, too!
I got all sentimental looking at your wedding pix, so that when I got down to this post... I already have a few tears streaming down my cheeks... Your words really touched me! Merci mille fois...
Take good care!
Leesa : )