Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wedding Success (Part 2)!!

I have an amazing friend...her name is Ann. Ann is still in France, in Paris for the rest of the week, and she took the time to download and send me pictures from the wedding!! These are great and you can get a glimpse of what we both looked like. It was a great is a picture she took of me in the cab on the way to the church.

Here is my Mom and I walking down the aisle. My Dad and Sandy were not not able to come because he is not feeling well. I thought of him though and I know he would have been here if he could have.

Here is Cyr and I with my Mom beside me and his mother beside him. I'll have better family pictures later. I think I will probably post them all to a site so you can all go take a look at them when you like.

Here is Ann and I!!
I am wearing a wrap that was given to me by one of my best friends Jen. She was not able to make the wedding but was there in spirit I know. She and her new daughter Mimi (just born in September) were thought of often.

Here we are just married!! I loved my flowers. Just simple roses and greenery, but not red roses. I'm not a big fan of red roses...

Tomorrow I will post some reception pictures for you to check out. We had a great time and I was really happy with the food as well. Now I have to start thinking of real life again I guess. I have a meeting at my new school tomorrow with some of the faculty to discuss the rest of the semester. I'll also get to see my classroom and get my attendance sheets. I want to take it home so Cyr can help me pronounce the names, don't want to butcher them too badly!


Isabelle said...

Wonderful pictures, Susan!
And thanks to your friend Jen, you were wearing something blue at your wedding.

Andromeda said...

You look beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your special day, I am such a wedding lover (and so far from one of my own, lol)! Glad you had such a wonderful time, and good luck for the new job starting soon!

Susan said...

You look properly radiant. The dress is lovely, the roses are lovely, everyone looks happy – perfect – well done :-)

maladroite said...

Congratulations, you looked stunning! I love your hair with the veil. I love the understated elegance of weddings in France.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! :) xx

Leesa said...

Hey there Susan and Cyr!!

All the best you both... You look very beautiful, Susan and you both look like a very handsome couple!!!!
I love the pix... It is making me feel all sentimental and I have some tearing running down my cheeks as I said in the other comment... Thanks for letting us all know how things turned out... I've been away from my computer for a while so it's great to get back and see what all my blogger friends have been up to!!
All my best,

Ksam said...

Congratulations! You look so beautiful, and I absolutely LOVE your dress!

Emily Marie said...

You looked beautiful! Love that first picture of you :) Congratulations!!!