Monday, November 3, 2008

The Last Part of my Succes :-)

Ok...I have taken a few days away from the computer but I am back!! I thought I would post a few pictures of the reception so you could all see what it was like. I was really worried because I thought it would be too small, but our friends really stepped up. My table of friends and family all made sure to dance and have fun, Cyr's tables all made an effort as well. The food was fantastic and the music was great. We had a combination of classic American hits, French classics plus even a little country!!

Above is a picture of me and my family and friends going into the Chateau where we had the vin d'honnour. We were so lucky with the weather!! We took pictures with the photographer during the vin d'honnour and I regret that we didn't spend much time with out guests. I would have liked to talk to them a little more. It seemed like the night passed so quickly!!

There was dancing...

By the time we ended the vin d'honnour my feet were killing me. So I had to bring in a little Texas...

Cyr and I danced our first dance to Anne Murray, "May I have this dance". Nothing like a waltz in a big ivory colored dress while wearing a tiara. Ahhh...

I don't have those pictures yet, but here are Cyr and I in the background after a dance. The handsome fella in the forefront of the picture is Cyr's brother. A real "Beau-Frere" eh?! He's only 18 phone numbers!

I still think I got the best one though!

Here is our fire-hazard-dessert-buffet. It was awesome!! There were about 6 or 8 of those things all over the table!!

Then the toast... I am sure you are completely weddinged out! I think I am done here. I might send out a link to folks once we get the professional ones back. I will for sure send it to family (don't worry Dad and will get more!!).

Tomorrow is my first day of teaching. Woohoo! I have a fairly solid plan though I'm sure something will go wrong and make it exciting. At least now I will have something to blog about other than wedding plans and photos. :-)

Really quick though...thanks to all the folks that came over. Lori, Lori, Tracy, Melinda and Ann; I will never forget you all for being here to support me. Ari and Betrand; you guys are great, I can't wait to see you again! All of Cyr's friends; Kate, Alex, Marc and all the rest. Thank you!! You are now my friends too! Aunt Helen, Sally, Kathy and Joyce; you are all family. Really great family. I know it was not easy to come over, thank you so much. Mom...what can I say...there are not words that can tell you how much I appreciate you always being there for me when things are hard, or listening to me when times are good. I could not have a better Mom, I hope I can return all the kind things you have done for me. I love you.

Ok, enough mushy stuff. Let's move on to real life eh? The one without tiaras, fluffy ivory dresses or great champagne. Well, maybe with great Champagne...and maybe I can wear that tiara sometimes too. And maybe I can dye that dress...I love that dress... ;-)


Jenny said...

Hello Susan,

I am a complete outsider and now, can't quite recall how I came upon your very interesting blog--sheer nosiness (sp). But congratulations on your newlywedhood. I am from Texas and live in the country outside of Waco. I love France and peek into life in France via blogs: Tongue in Cheek, Days on the Claise, French word a day, Paris Breaksfasts, and Chitlins & Camembert. I love reading about your adjustments to French life and your happy wedding day. I hope you don't mind the occasional comment. I will say a prayer for your first day at work.

Jenny Neumann

Jennie said...

You guys look like you had such a great time. :) I can't wait to see more photos!

Justin said...

Yeah pictures! You guys both look so great! It looks like you had a great time. Congratulations and keep the photos coming!

Leesa said...

Fun looking at your pics and hearing about what you guys did! Wish we all could have been there to help you guys celebrate! Can't wait to hear about how your teaching went.... Take good care, Leesa

Steph said...

I love all the pictures! You guys look so happy. It must be hard coming back to earth after such a fantastic time.

Good luck with your class..

If you ever want to meet up for coffee or something, we should totally do it.

Ksam said...

hey, i *may* have a lay-over in lille tomorrow afternoon (can't be sure since no one can tell me the train times, lol!!), but send me your phone number again and i'll text you once i figure out what's going on!!