Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Live from H-Town


We took a last minute trip to Houston, courtesy of Cyr's work, to search for a house. I guess it's really happening...we are moving.

We got in late Saturday. Sunday at breakfast the receptionist walked up and said a message was left for me and that there was a medical emergency. Well crap.

Turns out it was my Dad. Nothing serious thank goodness, but he is still in the hospital and should get out tomorrow. We have been so busy with family and house hunting and his work stuff that I have not gotten to do a lot of things I was hoping to do.

So I am going to post this short note to say "I'll write soon!" and then go and fill out rental applications for homes here.


PS - We miss you Duncan!!! Thanks S and F for baby sitting. We WILL notice if he is not there when we return. ;-)