Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ode to French Music and TV

I have posted once before here about French TV. If you check out that post you will even get to see The Dukes of Hazzard theme song being sung in French.'s a must see. I'll be here when you get back, go ahead, click and listen.

So, if you are thinking "I would love a little more French singing" then you have come to the right blog my friends!! Here we have the theme song to Dallas. Now you might being saying to yourself "but there are no words to the Dallas theme song Susan!" Oh contraire mon frere. (Or soeur.) I really like this clip because it has some dialog in French with subtitles in Flemish. I think it's Flemish. My favorite part; "DAA-las!!"

Awesome. Right?

So here is a Name that Tune for you. I have found that I am a complete dork like 70s French music. Specifically Claude Francois. :-) He is a French singer who I think Cyr showed me because he thought he was funny. Turns out I totally dig this guy. I have a 3 CD set that I luuuuuuv. I think Cyr might regret introducing me to Claude. He does a lot of songs you might know in English. Such as "Mandy", remember Barry Manilow? Claude actually was the first to do "My Way". I love that song in Spanish, and it's not bad in French either. So anyone out there recognize this gem?
The French title is "Dimanche Apres-midi" translated it means "Sunday Afternoon".

I'll leave you with that bit o'trivia. I'm going to listen to Claude.


Andromeda said...

Oh I got into the biggest fight with Ben about "My way" being originally French/American. He won, obviously. Grrrr.

wcs said...

Skyrockets in flight!

I think Clo-Clo (pour les intimes) actually wrote that song (Comme d'habitude). But the English words (My Way) were written by Paul Anka.

wcs said...

Oh, well I was holding my tongue. But now I've had some wine, so here goes.

If you want 70s French music, look for these folks: Souchon, Voulzy, Gall, Berger, Sanson, Mitchell, Cabrel (yes, his early stuff).

There are so many more. I love this stuff, and I'm totally stuck in the seventies. These people taught me French.

I can't imagine life without them!

Susan in Lille said...

Andromeda - I had that same argument with Cyr!!

WCS (I think it's Walt maybe?) - thank you so much for letting us both know that Paul Anka did at least write the words. That is fantastic amo...and I am on "My Way" (pun fully intended) to finding out about these artists you mentioned! I noticed you didn't say "Johnny Halliday".

Susan in Lille said...

OH - DING,DING,DING!!! WCS wins the prize for Name That Tune! I love both versions of that song. I like that the English version doesn't just limit the fun to Sunday though. ;-)

WCS - You are so right about music helping to learn French. I love that I listen to a song and one day I understand what the heck they are saying. I also tend to pick up whole phrases from songs rather than just words. I have learned "sombre con" thanks to Rose. Hehe...