Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy B-Day Annie! (and More work)

I meant to post this yesterday but forgot...oops! Yesterday was my new mother-in-law's birthday. We are going over to her house this weekend to celebrate. I'm looking forward to it actually. I had a great time the last visit and am feeling a lot more comfortable speaking in French. She actually speaks good English, but I think I should speak French because we are in France.

As for work; well when it rains it pours. ( cliche...but very appropriate being I live in the north.)

So I was offered the 2nd class and have my schedule all set up. Looks like Tuesday is college day with The Class in the morning and Zee Class in the afternoon. I am excited because I already have both lessons done for next week. Woohoo!

I also was offered an adult education class at a large mail order company here in Lille. There are three classes with only 3-7 people in each class. The pay is not as good as the college one, but it's half the work. We even have a book!! How crazy...the company has a book and a syllabus, but the college does not. Hmmm....maybe if folks learned more English in college they wouldn't need the adult courses after they graduate eh?

I also discovered a super cool store which most of you living in France may already know about. My friend Marie told me about it. A big thank you to Marie in Lille!! It's called Picard. It is a store that sells nothing but frozen foods. You might think "ewe...frozen food?" but it's all (what I would call) slightly fancy (some full on fancy) and super pretty. They have tons of little snacks for aperitifs and little desserts along with fantastic full meals. Including pizzas and pancakes! It's like the freezer section of Sam's Warehouse if they were owned by Neiman Marcus and sold small portions instead of the bulk sizes. Best yet, the prices are not bad at all! We were going to have guests tonight so I bought some little snackies and desserts. Turns out they are not going to make it, but I think I might implement "snack night" and munch down on them anyway. I am going to charge my camera to take pictures so I can post them tomorrow!


Isabelle said...

Susan, you are just another American who's falling in love with Picard!
All the expats blogs that I read have at one time or the other a post on Picard. And they simply love it!
You will be addicted very quickly like we all are.

Kate said...

Congratulations on your new career as an English language teacher. Now, I teach English as a Second Language, but I taught English as a Foreign Language for a few years overseas like you're doing now; so I'm psyched to read all of your classroom adventures.

Ksam said...

I *love* Picard - they have bagels! And corn on the cob!

Marie said...

Great Susan ! I was sure you'd like *picard* ! I really LOVE the way your described it to your American fellows : Sam's warehouse with Neiman Marcus !! It's a perfect description !
See you soon and keep up the good job with your teaching (I so love too the "Zee Class" concept !!)

islandgirl4ever2 said...

Bagels? Corn on the cob??? Holy Cow!! I'm heading over to Picard-- I'm STARVING right now and this post made me hungry.... I've been to the P just 3 times... I was looking for some frozen fruit that they don't sell at the supermarket... Don't you guys miss Whole Foods sometimes or Trader Joes?? I LOVED frozen mango bits... SOOOO yummy just to eat them frozen!! Anyhow... back to the P.... I think their stuff looks great and you made me want to go back there and check it out.... Next time you are there, Susan... See if they have pumpkin puree for meeting your holiday needs!!! Take care and good for you for all the work you are getting now!!!
I'm proud!! Good things ahead!!!
Hugs, Leese

Susan in Lille said...

Isabelle - yes...I admit it...I am already looking forward to my next visit.

Kate - Wow - how cool! I didn't know that. So far it's all been a bit of a whirl wind.

Ksam - bagels?! Really! They are on my list now...

Marie J - Thanks for everything!

Leesa - Thanks for all the encouraging words! I will definitely look for the pumpkin, I really would love to find that.