Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Julie & Julia & My New Goal

Has anyone seen this film yet? Julie & Julia? I saw it on Sunday with my Mom and I loved it. The movie was 2 hours and 3 minutes and I could have sat there for another 30 minutes without having to take a potty break. I really wanted to know more about what happened in Julia Child's life actually. The movie ends prior to (not a spoiler) letting us know about the televised cooking show. So yes, I recommend it. I also thought Meryl Streep was amazing...really...I know everyone talks about how she is one of the best actresses of all time...I have to agree. Love her.

Another thing it did, as you can guess, is make me think about my blog. When I started it I had a reason, I had things to share. Now it's just Susan in Houston. Living her life where she speaks the language, has no kids to make things interesting, has tons of friends she already knows, her family lives here and works at a job she has done before. Granted, the job is sales, so it changes all the time. But I'm selling the same thing I have sold before. Incentive Compensation Consulting anyone? Anyone?!

So now I sit here reflecting, as most ex-expat ex-bloggers do I think, and I wonder; "what now?" I like to have goals. Typically I have something going on in my life be it preparing for an MS150 bike ride, some kind of run, or as it was in Lille; learning to speak the language and survive in a new culture. Now my goals are things I don't really want to share with everyone I guess. Like trying to pay off my car. Is it interesting to post that I have three - count them THREE - more payments to go on my 4Runner? To me it is, but generally it's not that exciting.

I think I know what I want to do though. I want to keep on with part of what I was trying to do in France. I want to be fluent in French. I don't want to speak like an 18 month old child for the rest of my life. Or keep telling people how I love their horses when I am trying to say "hair". I also need to learn how to read and write the stupid phonetically challenging language. Therefore it has been decided. I have not even told my husband about this...but I have formed a plan and am putting my proverbial foot down!

GOAL: We are going to speak only French Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday until December 31, 2009.

Exceptions: 1- Emergencies, 2 - when we are around my family and 3- if we are with friends that don't speak French.

I am also going to make myself do at least 2 exercised in my French Workbooks every week. Yes...I know...I should do one a day right? But I don't think I would learn it. I would get through the exercise correctly and then move to the next. Like High School. I passed all my history classes with good grades but couldn't remember when the US was founded (yes - I know July 4th, but didn't remember 1776) until I started reading the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon. (side note - I have the new one, An Echo in the Bone, and I love it...mmmm).

This isn't even that long of a time period. I figure I will do this until Dec. 31st then take a language check. See where I'm at and determine what to do next.

So there you have it. Rather; there I have it! A goal. This need for something to shoot for must come from my over involvement with sports as a child...anyone else like this?


Isabelle said...

I love your new goal, Susan!

Although I'm thinking that you should be speaking French with your husband every single day of the week and not every other day!!
I know, it sounds horrible, but you can make it :)
When my American husband arrived in France, he hardly knew a couple words in French... At one point we decided that he really had to learn the language and started speaking French to each other ALL the time. It's hard at first, but you get used to it very quickly.
That's why I think speaking every day would be more effective.

Steph said...

C'est une bonne idée mon amie :)

Would you believe I speak far more French in Canada than I ever spoke in France. What's up with that?

En tout cas, tu me manques et j'ai hâte de vous voir en décembre :) (Unless of course you are free this upcoming Friday in which case I've got a place or two we could check out...)


Jane said...

I really wish I had done something like that - I wouldn't have forgotten all the French I learned in high school & college. Good luck!

Susan in Lille said...

Isabelle - I know you are right...I just know it...I might revise the goal and do just that, but I am going to try to ease into it and see how it goes. I think I might get too frustrated. But maybe that would work better because i would learn more.

Steph - ha - so you are parlaying French up there eh? By your wedding I should be able to be a little more functional than I am now!! Hope to talk to you soon!

Jane - I bet if you tried you would pick it up fairly quickly! Netflix / rent a few films and you will be surprised how much you know I bet. I love The Valet and Bienvenue Chez les Ch'ti and Rrrrr but I don't know if they have that one...

Steph said...

haha - I came back to see if you'd answered and I'd like to point out I feel really paranoid with that "who is visiting your blog" thing on the side. I mean, you know it's me and I keep thinking "What if she thinks I visit too much....or not enough...." THE PRESSURE! Haha. Or maybe I just really need to get out more.

Bisous ma belle.

Susan in Lille said...

HA! you are cracking me up! I forgot about that thing...now I am going to have to go look at it. I absolutely LOVE being stalked by you Steph. Feel free to log on and off and on and off and on...

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