Thursday, April 9, 2009

Back in H-Town

Well...after two weeks of being away from a computer, we are in Houston.

Egypt was AMAZING. We did a cruise down the Nile starting from Luxor and going to Asswan and back. We had 8 full days there with sun and nothing to worry about except making sure to meet the bus on time.

I'm currently trying to find the cable to download my pictures to my computer. With the move I can't find everything. Half of what I thought I brought with me I think the movers packed. Currently most of our belongings are on a ship sailing towards the port of Houston. They should reach here in about two or three weeks. Cyr's company has us in a corporate apartment until we find a place to live. I'm actually waiting for the Realtor now and going to look at some places.

I'll post about Egypt and the trip later, I thought I would write a little about leaving Lille today. I think I already miss it a little. Of course there are things here that I am so glad to be back with such as family, friends and customer service. Now it just seems that life is right here in your face for some reason. Everyone is talking about the crisis and loosing their jobs. It's a much more talked about thing than I thought. People are really worried. I am too now. I also came home to some jerk writing a check on one of my accounts that I just found our about when I opened a letter from a collection agency. Looks like I will spend tomorrow trying to get that sorted out. Then I guess I will find a job. English lessons anyone?

I miss my friends there like Steph, Flo and K. A quick tale about the move. The movers came to pack us up in Lille and things didn't go quite like they did here when they moved us from Houston. Here three guys showed up at 9am and the truck pulled away fully packed and headed for the container at 4:30pm. In Lille we had 5 or 6 guys show up at 9:30am, take a two hour lunch, leave at 5, come back the next morning to finish packing and finished up at around 4pm. So twice the people and twice the time.

I was going to end with that thought, but I find myself wondering what I am going to blog about after we move into our new home. We are thinking about having kids, but I don't really want this to be just a summary of my ovulation cycle. ::yawn:: I wonder if I will have anything to talk about. But then I think of some of my favorite blogs and they are written by people in Utah and Austin. For some reason I think I might just not be that interesting anymore. I guess we will see. Hope you stick around. Maybe something fun will happen. I still have Egypt posts after all. :-)


Steph said...

Susan!! Lille misses you too!!! You've gotta keep blogging...don't let down the team!

Jane said...

I hope you continue to blog - I really enjoy your writing. Welcome back to Texas!

Amber said...

I hope you'll keep writing! I've only just found your blog and I'd love to hear about the reverse-culture shock of returning home (if ever we dare to do the same thing). Good luck finding your new home!

Leesa said...

I'm so happy to read an update.. Glad your trip was so amazing, I knew you'd have a stellar time!
I can't believe you're back in the States now!! Gosh... Well, I hope that one day you will come back to live in France!!
Of course you will keep blogging... everything is interesting in it's own way... Don't worry... you have your followers here who want to know what's up...
So.. .Keep on blogging, girl!
I'll miss you here... Even though we only met twice, I think you are a very sweet person and the kind of person who I would call a "friend." Take good care of yourself and Cyr.. Enjoy all of your friends and family... Good luck in the baby making.... : )
I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you guys...
Hugs and bisssssssous, Leesa

Kate said...

Well, that's the challenge: finding the remarkable in the unremarkable - or...not, in my case!

Susan in Lille said...

Steph, Jane and Amber - I will keep blogging, thanks for the comments!

Leesa - Miss you too, and will make sure to call you if we have a chance to get back to France this year!

Kate - I love your blog, you are one of the people that truly inspire me when I read your stuff.

Thanks everyone. :-)