Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Red horses are cool...

So...I have a friend (hello Marine!) who is actually from Lille and now lives in Houston. I consulted her on who she could recommend to cut my hair. I have a little gray going on and wanted to cover that up and get a trim. Once I had the correct person to call I bravely called and set the appointment myself. Surprisingly I was able to actually book a color and a cut. I did however have Cyr call them back to confirm the time and make sure I didn't book a tattoo or body piercing.

Part I - The Color
This morning I found the street on the map, made my way downtown and was even early. As I have mentioned, I have problems with French when I get nervous. After finally figuring out where to sit and establishing that I was in fact "Sue-zan" I then had to somehow tell the color girl how I wanted my hair. I'm seated at a round table (the Knights of Clarol I guess) with 5 other ladies getting their hair colored. But this is France therefore I was drinking an espresso and feeling very fashionable while pretending to be able to read French Vogue. I then proceeded to tell her that "j'aime bien mon cheval rouge". Which directly translated means "I like my horse red." Surely I am not the first person to make this mistake. "Hair" is "cheveaux" but all I could think of was "cheval"! I guess they got the point though, because I have to say; my hair color is rockin!!

Part II - The Cut
So then I move on to Alexandre. He has a shaved head which leads me to believe that at least he is good with clippers as I saw no scaring or fresh wounds on his head. After miming that he could do what he wanted as long as I didn't look like a "champignon" translate "mushroom". He then called three people over to see how much hair I had. No kidding, it was like I was famous for 20 seconds. I just laughed and used my word of the day "cheval" (horse). He then began clipping and took an hour to create my new due. About 45 minutes into it a woman with wet hair sat down and glowered at me until he was done. Apparently I was not his last appointment. She had very thin short hair and I thought, "man...he could cut her hair while I took a trip to the ladies room." As it turns out I was close to being right. He put me under a dryer so my hair wouldn't "POUFF!!" (his words, not mine) and she was done by the time I was dry. No 20 seconds for her.

So I now have a new French hair cut and am ready to face both the washing machine repair guy and the oven delivery guys that are supposed to come Thursday. Auchan is delivering our new oven and fixing our clothes dryer. This will be the third time Auchun has been here delivering things. Same guys both times, not 10 words of English between them.

Stay tuned to see if I can use "cheval" again this week....


Anonymous said...

I love RED horses and I'm sure your new do is fantastique! You know how much Doug and I love your journals so this is a perfect way for us to stay up to date with your most interesting life! We loved the pics and the update of where you are not! We wish only the best for you and hope to see you when you come to Houston!

Lots of Love, Lori & Doug

Cyr said...

Those words are almost identicals, so no big deal... And by the way, it is spelled "cheveu", but again, what do I know about that ^^.

And as far as using "cheval" again this week... hum... I know!!! We have a butcher down the street!!! (ok... sorry... I'll go now...)

J said...

Oh yes thanks Cyr for the reminder that you can buy "cheval" @ the butcher in France. Be careful Susan and only stick with "le boeuf" or "le poulet".

I am sure your hair looks fantastic, as usual! And Cyr can correct me if I'm wrong, but I always understood from my French profs that English is taught in school there, so if they're telling you they don't speak it, they're only screwing with you. Heh, heh, if nothing else, they'll surely understand the cuss words.

Don't forget to post pictures of the new place!