Sunday, July 6, 2008

Destress with Mika

So after a week of trying to learn 5 tenses, pronouns and negation in 5 days of French class, I needed a break. On Saturday Cyr and I went to a music festival in Arras. It was so fun! It was held in their Grand Place. The whole square was blocked off and you had to show your ticket to get in. I read in the paper today that 22,000 people were there! It was amazing...the buildings, the music, all the people, even the weather. Here is a shot of Cyr and I during one of the breaks.

Check out the buildings in the back, doesn't it look fake it's so pretty? Here is one during the same break at what was behind us.
It was just so, so...European! Cobble stone and buildings surrounding us that were probably over 200 years old. The music was great too. The Kooks, The Hoosiers, BB Brune, a band I can't remember the name of and Mika all played. I know a lot of you out there probably think Mika is a dork, but it was SO MUCH FUN. I mean this guy had all 22,000 people in the square dancing and singing and having a damn good time! He also spoke what I thought was perfect French between songs. What a cool dude...he even sang one of his songs and changed a verse to a French version. He went on at 9:45 as the headliner, here is a pic:

So yeah, he's a bit bubbly, but it was a blast. My friend O was there with a group, but I was able to see here and at least say hello. How cool eh? I knew someone there, I had a friend. Damn, life is good! The other bands were really good too, it was weird though, they were all cool and hip, then Mika comes out and performs on what looks to be a stolen set from Willy Wonka. I mean, there was giant candy on the stage people. It was hilarious. I didn't stress out about not knowing the Future Simple or L'imparfait tenses in French once the entire night. So I think I would like to end this post with a little Mika video for your enjoyment. Wait for the music, it comes in after a bit..I'm going to go study now.


Justin said...

Ah now I see why you couldn't make it to the picnic! very understandable... it looks like it was amazing, so I am glad you enjoyed yourself.

Andromeda said...

What a good way to relax after such a tough week! I am jealous you saw BB Brunes, I think they're just adorable, and dancing to Mika in a cobblestone square? What a cool experience.