Thursday, August 14, 2008

50th Post

Wow...I saw on my dashboard that this is my 50th post. I guess a lot has happened in the last 5 months or so. Right now I'm rushing to get packed and to the airport. I'm headed back to my new home in Lille. I have been so busy here though I feel like I have not been able to complete everything, but I have to get back and get to work on things in Lille too.

I was able to spend some good time with my Dad and step Mom Sandy. Dad has not been feeling too well and so I was also able to go with him to some doctors appointment and be my pushy self and ask all the questions I wanted to the doctors. Although Dad and Sandy seem to ask what I want to know, it was nice to be there. It's times like this that I wish I could be here and help more.

I also was able to solve the frustrating issue of wedding invitations. Le Tigre, you would be proud!! I ended up being so frustrated I decided to make my own. My good friend Milton suggested Arnies Wholesale and I was able to buy invitation kits with invites, envelopes, response cards, response envelopes all for about 1/4 the price of the already made and just ran them through my printer. I have been up till 2am the last 2 nights getting the US ones done so Mom just has to put labels on them and drop them in the mail. And you know what...I really like them! I picked out ecru cards with a simple straight boarder. I printed a French one, English one, put holes in the top and ran a ribbon through it so they are tied back to back. Not bad!

I think it's really hitting me that I actually live in France. I have my family here, and for the first time I feel like they actually need me and I could be helping them and I'm not here. I hate that. I love Lille and I want to make my life there (for now) with Cyr but at the same time I...for the first time ever...think I'm sad to leave Houston.

I'll miss you Mom. I'll miss helping you out Dad and Sandy. I know things won't be that easy for a while, but I'll be back when I can and if anything goes wrong I can always hop a flight home. Love to all my friends that I didn't get to see too. So many people I wanted to spend time with that I didn't. I guess since I'm getting married it just seems a little different to leave. The next time I return to Houston I will be Susan M, no longer Susan W. Huh, just a little upside down I guess. Ha...never thought of that...

Love you Texas, see you soon France!!


Andromeda said...

I feel that way this time, so sad to leave, but back on my shorter Christmas trip I couldn't wait to get back. I guess since I'm here 4 weeks this time, it's like I got settled in to live here again, saw people multiple times instead of just once, so it's so much harder to get back on the plane! Have a good flight!

Anonymous said...

Oh cool! I'm totally proud of you for the invitations! Good job!

Have safe travels back 'home' (I'm slowly getting used to the idea myself!)