Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Busy or Not Busy?

Well we had a great weekend. Cyriaque's friend from London, Alex and Kate, are just great. We showed them around Lille and then went to Brugges for a day. It's so close, it's the easiest place to show folks once they have been around Lille. Although you could spend a few days in Lille and it would not be a problem there is so much to see. The only problem is that France is closed on Sunday, but Belgium is open! Not all, but most of the shops in Belgium are open Sunday so you can walk around and see things, go into museums and things of that nature. We actually just walked along the canals and ate and drank all day. It was quite lovely really...

Yesterday Cyr thought he was going to have to go to Libya but the trip was canceled so we were able to spend the afternoon together at the house. Last night I remembered that I really needed to get the hotel information together to send out to all the people that are invited to the wedding. So although all day I didn't do much, I started working around 8pm and was up until midnight. Then when I went to bed my mind would not turn off and all I could do was lie there and think about all the other things I need to get done this week. It so odd, sometimes I feel like I have too much to do, then a few hours later I will feel like I can't wait to be able to work because I don't have enough to do. What is that? How can I have to completely opposing thoughts within hours of each other? I think I am in denial about how much I have to do actually. The big thing is that I want to try to have my invitations in the mail on September 1st. I have them all stuffed and ready to go in the US, I just need to make an insert with hotel info/directions and things.

I'm just not feeling very entertaining the last few days. I have lost my wit somewhere. I'm just not feeling at all witty or funny and nothing interesting is happening right now. I'm sure it will pass. I have been wanting to post, but everything I think of just sounds so boring. I just typed this up because I wanted you all to know I'm still alive over here.

Oh - I did find the beginners workbook to the series I have that is Intermediate French. I'm doing to do a few lessons a day and try to really learn the basics. I jumped in so fast I missed some of the simple things. But I can now talk in the past tense! Woohoo!

Here is a picture of my best friend in Lille; Olga. She moved back to Canada. Damn it...

I miss you Olga!!


Justin said...

Great to hear you are alive ;-)
I have been going through most of the same emotions as you... I am busy but complain of having nothing to do. I also don't have too much of anything interesting going on now... but I think for me it is just the down time after running so much already this month. Hehe, I did the same yesterday and wrote up something about my dinner just so I could say I posted ;-)

Good job on the studying! I need to get back in to it, but I have been enjoying the month off from French. I have my new Rosetta Stone CD-Rom sitting on my desk, still uninstalled!

Anonymous said...

I think everyone's having a bit of trouble blogging right now, part of it is the atmosphere of the blogsphere right now, it's a lot quieter than normal because of the vacance. I've been struggling to blog lately too..

Did you ever get my reply to your email btw? I just wanted to make sure you knew I replied because I was worried you didn't receive it and then thought me horrible for not answering!