Friday, August 22, 2008


We have friends in town today until Monday. Cyr's friend Alex and his wife Kate are here for the weekend. They live in London and are so much fun. We are planning to hang out in Lille and maybe make a side trip to Bruges.

I'm gathering pictures though and should have some good posts next week. I think I spent all this week cleaning up and getting ready for our guests today. I like to pretend I keep a clean house when folks come over.'s actually pretty neat, but when visitors come I like to have everything in place. Very un-Susan-like of me I know. I must be nesting...NO...not because of anything, just because.

I did just read a really good book. I started and finished it in one day. It's by Paulo Coelho who wrote one of my favorite books; The Alchemist. It's called Veronica Decides to Die. I love it, I recommend it to anyone who likes to read. I think I might have to add it my list of favorites. Others include Blink by Malcom Gladwell, The Alchemist (already mentioned) and as a guilty pleasure The Outlander series. I just finished the last one and feel that I have lost a group of friends!! I love books, feel free to suggest any you feel I should read. Without a work permit I finally have time to read...

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Justin said...

Enjoy your time with your friends!