Thursday, August 7, 2008

Weathering the Storm

Well the hurricane, or tropical storm as it turned out to be, was a complete dud. There was a little rain, but that was about it. All the news stations were extremely excited about this potential threat and canceled all the programming and would show different newbie meteorologists around town who would give reports. Most went like this:
This is (whoever) reporting from north Houston and as you can's raining. I want you to look at the water gathering here so you can get an idea of how much is coming down. (Camera then focuses on a water puddle no more than half an inch deep.) As you can see, there is water gathering here, it's even running through the streets into the storm gutters. Back to you guys in the station.
Since the whole Catrina/Rita thing no one wants to be caught underestimating any sort of disaster I guess. Most businesses were closed, many of them closed the day before to let people get their homes prepared for the storm. The signs on the freeway blinked "Storm forming in Gulf, fill your gas tanks". It was all very exciting for a while! Having been through a few big storms I'm glad it fell apart and turned out to be only a light rain, but I wish the media would have stopped trying to sensationalize the day of not-so-bad effects.

Today I'm going to try to find wedding invitations. I found some that I love, but when they told me they would be $700 for 100 of them I had to laugh.'s paper. What a racket this wedding thing is! Everything is crazy expensive. So I'm off to find some acceptable invitations today (if such a thing does in fact exist). Is it tacky to send an evite?


Anonymous said...

Send e-vites if you want to, it's your wedding! The wedding industry is totally bonkers if you ask me! I was really lucky, my sisters made the invitations. Invitations are super super easy to make. You just buy some nice coloured light cardboard stuff, get that transparent stuff and print with your computer in a nice font the names and location etc and then you pin it onto the card and it looks great! It look us a night and a bit to do 60.

Susan said...

Well actually...check out my next post. I was so fed up with the cost I ended up making mine too!