Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have a date!

With the cutest little French lady you have ever seen. I met Lillian today as I was walking out of our apartment to buy some fruit. We started chatting and it turned out she was going to the same market. We walked together and discovered that she and her husband were from the same town as Cyr, they retired here to Lille and that she liked to walk. The conversation went like this:
"Do you like to marche (walk)?"
"Oh, oui! J'aime bien marcher." (Oh yes, I like to walk) I say.
She then tells me "There are lots of places to walk to in Lille."
"Really?" I say.
"Ba oui!" she says. (I love "Ba oui", it's like saying "heck yeah". Or at least that is how I like to translate it.)
So now I have a walking date with my new friend for Monday!

When we came back with our fruit she invited me up to see her place. Quite lovely! She's has the same apartment on the same floor as we do just one building over. It has a little different makeup but the floor plan is the same. She also showed me pictures of her kids and grandchildren. I would have invited her over to see ours but I was doing laundry which means I have things hanging all over the house. Guess I will be cleaning up this weekend for my new friend Lillian's visit Monday morning. We agreed that she would ring me Monday and we would go for a walk and I can practice my French. I hope she isn't an early bird. What if she rings at like 8:30?! She is quite progressive though, she gave me her email address! She probably has a Facebook account too.

Well wouldn't you know it; I was a little grumpy this morning, now I'm all chipper again and looking forward to Monday. Just to be safe I think I will send her an email suggesting 10am. That sounds like a good walk time. Tonight Cyr and I are going to take our bikes and meet some people he knows for a picnic and a movie. We are bringing the fruit I just purchased. I think I might have to declare this "Susan-meets-new-friends Day" because I have not met any of the folks we are going out with tonight either. I hope I like them as much as I like Lillian!


Justin said...

How awesome! That gets me thinking, maybe if I got out of my house once in a while I would meet some people! ;-) But some nights it is so hard, and the people don't seem as open in my town to talking to strangers on the street.

Leesa said...

How COOL!!! Have fun with your new friend!!

Andromeda said...

That's so cute! I feel like I can understand older French people better, they talk slower and like to tell stories. And share recipes! Have fun Monday!

Susan said...

Justin - I do the same thing...I hole up in my apartment and look at the birds in the trees and wonder why I don't know anyone!

Leesa/Andromeda - Thanks!