Saturday, January 10, 2009

Feeling the pressure

Grab a beverage and a snack, this is a long one.

As I scroll through my favorite blogs I see that almost everyone (except Steph, but that's because she just likes to be "edgy" *wink-wink*) has posted about what they did in 2009 so I think I might do that too.

Ok, let's be honest. The ONLY reason I want to do this is because finally, after three years of crap-on-a-cracker I finally have a bunch of good things to talk about. It's actually purely self serving that I do this. It's like people who send out Christmas cards with pictures of their family on it. They don't want to wish you "Merry Christmas", what they want is for you to see their family and know that they are happier and better looking than you are. Ok, maybe not everyone thinks this way, but I am sure there are some out there. You can be damn sure that if I ever have a child, and if that child is cute, all my friends and family will be getting Christmas cards all of a sudden. "Look what my uterus did this year!!" is what my card will read. Oh, and "Merry Christmas". I digress yet are some highlights of my 2009 for those of you on the edge of your seat:

January was spent in Houston getting ready for my move to France to live with the love of my life and going out with all of my friends for dinners and drinks to say goodbye. Cyr (the aforementioned "love") was in Lille already so it was just me trying to get my fill of American and Chilean wine. And Shiner Bock.

February 1st I arrived in Brussels with three suitcases and proverbial bells on. I never posted this...but when I arrived I was soooooo excited as you can imagine. I even changed clothes on the flight so I would look cute for Cyr, brushed my teeth and everything. After collecting my luggage, clearing immigration and checking my hair, teeth and eyes in a mirror I nervously shuffled casually walked through the doors into the Brussels Airport. I eagerly calmly looked around, but not too much because I wanted Cyr to run up to me like in the movies. But Cyr. Huh. Well surely he is just around the corner. Nope, not there.

Half an hour later: I have no euros, don't speak French or Flemish, have no working cell phone. Am sure I have been left to fend for myself in Belgium. I figure out how to use the credit card payphone after (not kidding) 25 minutes of trying. I reach Cyr. There was a strike in Lille and he couldn't get out of the city, he's 20 minutes away still. It's like the whole country wanted to welcome me in the most French way they could. Merci France...Cyr made it to pick me up and after I drank two beers while waiting it was a fantastic reunion at last with one of the best welcome kisses in history. It all worked out.

My friend Karen came to visit in April and I was so excited! We had amazing weather. Until she showed up of course. Then it snowed for 3 days. But her visit really lifted my spirits and I found myself loving Lille and wanting to go back to Amsterdam. Then Mom came to visit and we had a fantastic time in Paris and Lille. My friend Bonnie even stopped by for a weekend during her tour of Europe!

In June I took a French course that saved my life. Plus I met Olga there who I love but moved back to Canada. :-( July 16th was Cyr and I's special day at the Marie. Just us and his best friend, best friend's wife and Olga.

Then the church wedding planning began and didn't stop until October 25th. It was a dream day. I really loved every single minute of it. I walked down the aisle with my Mom and though I know my Dad couldn't be there, he was in a way. The whole day was perfect. The champagne, the food, the man, the dress, my family and a few friends. I would not change a really was my perfect day. And I'm so glad it's over.

November brought my Carte de Sejour and the ability to work, not to mention Duncan our little black cat. Work turned out to be teaching English. Not really my passion, but it's work. December was great with a visit to Gent, Belgium and Aachen, Germany. New Years was special in Lille and then here we are in January and it's looking like we might already be headed back to Houston in 2009.

Of course we are...I can finally speak a little of the language and know where everything is. Not to mention I have friends now. But that's ok, we'll be back if we really want to. Now the hard thing is that I feel like I am in the waiting room of life waiting to be called so I know what happens next in life. We don't know when we will move. Could be quick, could be summer. I actually found myself standing at the grocery store yesterday pondering if I should buy a bottle of balsamic vinegar because "if we move soon we won't use it all". A simple choice I know, it was 3 euro or something. For some reason it seems so important at the time. There was a voice saying "Deal? Or no deal?" over and over. I seriously couldn't decide. I ended up not buying it (what!?). Now I just think I was being an idiot and I want some stupid balsamic vinegar. What a maroon...

I think 2009 will be a year of few yet large changes once again. A move to Houston and who knows what else. Maybe I'll take up knitting and start a business selling tea cozies. No one knows for sure. But the sure thing is that I can't imagine spending it without Cyr. My life will be forever changed for the better not so much because of living here in France, but because of the man from Valenciennes who I will love until the day I cease to be.

Don't know if you are out there, but thank you Shari for making me have a glass of wine with you on March 6, 2007 at Sonoma...that Tuesday changed my life.


Leesa said...

OMG!! You are so with it, Susan... I didn't even THINK of doing this.. Man, I'm not too motivated, I guess... Been to sick for the past 5 weeks!!! Anyhow... Nice to see what you've done and I hope next year I have a nice Holiday Card printed up with me&Alex....
Hope you make it to Paris in the spring...
Take care,

Steph said...

Susan! I just thought of this you can't stop the blog when you go back! How will I cyber-stalk you then? Just a little change of the title and badda boom badda bing Susan in the USA? Susan in Texas? A world of choice really. :)