Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fun with food

Well...there was a bit of a traumatic incident with the rabbit. As I was taking the little guy out of the wrapping and telling myself that it was not in fact someone's beloved pet, but a piece of meet just like a hamburger I felt sure that I was going to have no problem cooking this thing.

That was until I moved the top part and Thumper's head peeped up at me. His teeth bared, his eyes glossed over, his fur freaked me out. I ran out of the kitchen and grabbed my manly carnivore of a husband and asked him to please stop the rabbit from checking out the ceiling lights. Well, it might have been more like "flight" from the "fight or flight" instinct. I just couldn't do it! Here is the evidence.

I even forgot to take a picture of the done deal! It's was pretty good once his beady eyes were not checking me out and judging my culinary skills. I pretty much just slathered him with mustard and cooked him for about 30 minutes. I know next time to cook at a lower temp for an hour maybe. Not sure why, it just sounds right.

Though I don't have a picture of the rabbit, I do have a picture of Cyr's fantastic leek quiche!! He surprised me with a heart on top made of cheese...awe...ain't that sweet...

We also went out and got a "galette" which is a crusty pie thingy that has a plastic figure in it. The person who is given the piece with the figure in it gets to (has to) wear a crown (that is so conveniently supplied with the cake) for rest of the day. Or something like that. You must be careful when eating that you don't bite down on the little guy and loose a tooth. I'm sure dentists are frequented this time of year for just that. We were pretty cheap and got our galette at Carrefour which is the big grocery store near us. It was a Harry Potter themed galette. Turns out I was the lucky one. Without even cheating not only did I get the guy, I got him on the first bite!! The bummer was that it wasn't even Harry!! It's some random guy who probably taught math at Hogwarts.

So far 2009 has been a pretty good year. I did discover that I gained 4 lbs. over Christmas. But each gram was sooooo worth it! The food and drink...ahhh....beside, I'll burn that off just trying to fend off hypothermia while walking to work.


Andromeda said...

I totally know which character that is, but feel like a nerd about it so I don't wanna say. Last year with Ben's family we all kind of poked around the cake first before eating it. The youngest sits under the table (so he can't see) and tells who should get what piece. Ben's little brother gets it EVERY YEAR, it's just freaky. I'm totally taking him down this year, I don't care what it takes (or how lame cheating a 15 year old out of a fake crown is!)

Sounds like you had a great holiday!

Steph said...

Stop showing off :P All I want is the little character guy and I keep stuffing myself full of too rich galette to no avail :(

Susan in Lille said...

Andromeda - Good luck with the galette next year, my money is on you!

Steph - Oh yeah...I am The Queen...but I hope too that you will be the Queen one day as well. :-)