Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Velcro, thy name is "Crazy Nigerian Flu"!!

So...turns out maybe I had an excuse to be glued to the couch!

My husband was in Nigeria four days last week and returned Thursday. On Saturday he came down with fever, chills, cough and all kinds of nasty symptoms. He called his doctor who booked him in for a 10:30 appointment. All you American's reading this, yes, it's true! They work on Saturdays! AND...Cyr spoke with the doctor, who answered the phone, not a nurse or a receptionist. Crazy stuff I tell ya.

We went in and Cyr got meds for his flu. I thought I was escaping it as I didn't really have any symptoms. Then Monday I started getting the fever thing, my asthma started acting up, and my neck hurt so bad I couldn't look left or right, I had to do that all too irritating to be witness to full body turn thing. Cyr had another appointment with his doctor to pick up a note for him for work. doctors give notes to work and you can miss as much work as you want as long as a doctor says it's ok. I laid on the couch napping and somehow pulled myself up to go.

Turns out it's not something crazy, just flu. I have different symptoms because of my asthma; respiratory infection being the big one. The doctor saw both of us, treated both of us, and only charged us for one visit; 26 euro. He also did this cool neck-pinching-torture thing to clear out my muscles a little. In the words of John Cougar Melencamp; "Hurt so good". Oh now, two days into antibiotics, mucus thinners, pain meds and steroids for my lungs I am feeling a little better. I did have to teach yesterday though. He gave me a note to get out of it, but since I teach one day a week I didn't think they could get a replacement and I didn't want to have another bad mark against me after the complaint about my letting classes go early and then loosing the stupid key (which was found).

Since Cyr was home he drove me and picked me up so I didn't have to take the Metro and walk. Ahh...l'amore. Classes were ok, though the student that complained about me letting classes go did sit in the back row, head up with his eyes closed almost the entire class. I didn't even call him on it because I thought I might loose it. I did however try to breath on him as much as possible.