Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

I went to get my hair colored again today. Cyr's still in Angola and I wanted to celebrate the Fete de la Music on my own somehow, so I made a date with the Knights of the (Clarol) Round Table here in Lille. So dubbed because we actually do all sit around a circular table.

Anyway...those of you that know me know that I have pretty thick hair. Last time I went it was like a 3.5 hour ordeal getting my hair colored and cut so I thought I would just tackle the color this week and the cut another day. So I got there at 14h (that's 2pm) and left at 17h (5pm). I look great though! The stylist guy wanted to straighten my hair and it took him more than 45 minutes. He actually had to pull up a chair half way through. He said he was fatigue when he was done. Ha!! So was I. I have a lot of hair, which makes me not mind paying a bit more for color or cut. Those people earn their money with me I tell ya.

I do feel like I'm at the zoo when I'm there. The only thing is that I feel much more like the chimp behind the bars undergoing a grooming process rather than the people looking in and eating popcorn. Maybe in a few months I can move to the other side and be an observer once I learn the language better.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on finding a good hair dresser in France!

I finally found a place that pretends they care and the guy spent an hour and a half cutting my hair which I was pretty happy about, plus I love that scalp massage thing the shampoo lady does...

Melissa said...

"With her perfect size 6 figure, lips like ripe fruit and hair like new mown wheat..."

Shari Mattern said...

I love your stories...........YOU NEED A PUBLISHER!!!!! I really think this is a calling and you could sell this. Susan as the "Carrie Bradshaw" of Lille.