Monday, June 30, 2008

Le Yikes!!

Well...I went to class. I am fairly certain I bombed the written test, then the teacher spoke to each of us to gauge our oral skills. I didn't know this, but apparently she told the class that she didn't want anyone to waste their time or money if the class was too advanced or below a person's level and the test and our little talks would help her determine who fit the class.

I was so nervous when I had to talk with her I couldn't remember anything. I was such an idiot. I wanted to beg for a space and to yell; "You HAVE to let me try. I NEED this. I sit in my apartment all day long because I can't speak this language and if you don't let me in I'm going to turn into a hermit and stop shaving my legs!" I was told that I was "faible" (weak) and that the others were "tres forte" (strong) in the class. Then she took my email and said she would grade the test then email me this evening. I might get the boot. I might be too weak and she is going to kick me out. Well bienvenue to French schools Susan. I also hear they post all the grades in class and rank you. Nice. I'll just pretend it's alphabetical and my last name is Zzwet.

After class I went to have lunch with two girls (I know!! Lunch!! With people!!). One girl is from Canada and the other from Poland. The girl from Canada is from Toronto, so she didn't grow up speaking French but she speaks it with her boyfriend here in France. Everyday. She said she thought she did alright on the test. During her oral test the teacher took her email and said that she would email her tonight and let her know if maybe she was too advanced for the class. The Polish girl has taken classes but she said they were a long time ago and she forgot everything. She said she did horrible on the test. The teacher didn't even ask for the Polish girl's email. I guess she is in.

I have since calmed down and realize that even the worst case scenario isn't that bad. Worst case scenario; I get the boot from the class, but I get my money back, apply for the free classes I will get once we are married, and best of all - I now have TWO friends who live in Lille and I can practice French with them! Best case; I stay in the class, become better friends with these girls, learn to use the past and future tense in French and get toned legs from walking to class. I'm hoping for something in the middle.

Now I'm trying not to check my email every 5 minutes. Guess I shouldn't drink to calm down, because if I do make it I don't want to have a hangover on my second day of class. Of course that might happen anyway. Cyr is cooking something special for my first day of class celebration (hopefully it's not my last day celebration as well) and has a bottle of champaign for us. Oh well, when in France...

UPDATE: My Canadian friend received and email saying she was too advanced for the class!! Uh! I loved her!! Darn it! She called me and said that the professor sent her an email saying that 9 out of 12 students scored below average on the test and so she was sorry but she didn't think the class would be able to meet her needs. Well, bad for Canada, but I guess good for me. No news yet. And no news is good news right?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like good news for you so really sounds like French boot camp..very intimidating. I hope you don't get the dreaded email..let us know!

Cupcake Princesse said...

Keep us posted and MERDE!! That means "Good luck" in French!!!! Leesa

Expat Traveler said...

Good luck wit your classes. I do hope you get in.. LOL and don't go saying MERDE to your teacher.. Ask cyr.

I loved my classes while living in St. Louis, Alsace Region/Haute Rhine. The teacher spoke German a lot but we had great conversations with about 12 students. I was in the int/advanced class however.

Nice blog and good luck in france. I want to be back in Europe, and I seriously doubt that feeling will ever change.

Susan said...

HA! You cracka me upa Leesa!!
Thanks Expat Traveler for the post, so far no email and it's 7:40am.
Woohoo! I'm headed off to class in a bit and am going to cling to my seat and not let it go.
I'll let you know how the day goes with another post after school.

Bridget said...

Have you read "Me Talk Pretty One Day" yet? You must!