Friday, June 27, 2008

M'appeler Betty Crocker

I'm in the zone, the cooking zone.

But before I get into that, I have to post a picture of the site I saw the man relieving himself at. He wasn't there today...whew. He was right by cement thing that is on the ground.

Moving on to today's topic.
With the taste of Wednesday's mustard chicken success still tingling my taste buds I began to surf around blogs looking for things I can cook. I like the ones written by people in France because I typically know I can get the ingredients here and sometimes they will call things by the French name which makes it easy. Although I did run into a little trouble.

Baking powder. How do you translate this? It's not "de poudre a pate" as I found out. Then I ran across the coolest website while trying to figure this out!! Many of you seasoned Francophiles may know of this site...but I just found and love the English-French Food Dictionary!! Cyr used to ask me "wat is zat stuff you put in bread and tings to make it rise?" All I could come up with was "yeast", but alas, "baking powder" is what he was looking for! By the way, I now know it's levure chimique which when I translate comes out as "yeast chemical". Heck...I had to look up what the stuff did because I was going to just leave it out of the recipe! Turned out the good ol 8a8 (translate fancy 711 market) had some in stock and so the following picture blog is dedicated to Veggie Muffins (with cheese)

Have batter done, here is what will be inside the tasty (yet healthy) muffins:

Yes, those are cubes of Comte cheese, I couldn't let it get too healthy now. Here they are ready to go into the oven. I only had one muffin pan, which I purchased this morning from Carrfour, so I put the rest of the batter in a loaf pan. It was shallow but turned out well! And the muffin pan is one of those plasticy things and you could just pop them out when they were done!! Love that thing, so cool. Although I'm sure it causes some kind of cancer, I mean it's bendable and you cook with it.

I set the picture knob to the picture of the cake assuming that was "bake" and here they are 20 minutes later! (Baked at 180 Celcius by the way.)

They were fantastic!! Here is what the inside looks like:

The recipe didn't say how long to leave them in so I have this tea timer I got in Houston that I hooked on my belt and would add minutes to and go and check. I just think this is to neat because it's bendy so I thought I would post a picture.

I wasn't very neat with the putting of the batter into the muffin holes. But I kind of liked it! If I had kids I would make them on purpose like this:

Cyr is without internet connection in Luanda, Angola today (back from other crazy towns thank goodness) so he can't read my blog until he comes home. I might save the little animal guy for him. :-)


Cyr said...

Back in Luanda with somewhat of an internet connection... can't wait to get home!!!
Who knew I was going to marry a cook? ^^...

Cupcake Princesse said...

WOW!!! That looks DARN good! Can you bring some of THOSE to the picnic?? Glad you heard from your honey..
Take care, Leesa

Cupcake Princesse said...

Hi Susan,

I just wanted to ask you how the muffins turned out... Where they good?! I would like to make some!! Thanks for posting the recipe... I think you are right about those silicone molds... They have cancer written all over them.. Things that make ya go 'hummmmmm!!' -- Leesa (P.S. I'm under a pseudo, so check it out)