Friday, June 20, 2008

A Wedding in France

Today I received an email from one of my cousins, Cheryl. Cheryl is great, she lives in Houston and is also engaged to be married. She's actually doing a small wedding, just the two of them. I like the way that is sounding. She asked how my wedding plans are going.


They are going about the pace of traffic on 610 and Westeimer at 5pm on the Friday before Christmas in Houston. It feels like I'm actually going backwards but I know that can't be possible. My French sucks and the customs seem very different here from the people I talk to. I actually went to a hotel when my friend Stephen was in town to just see if they had small to medium rooms to reserve for a reception. The one we went to was a big French non. As Stephen pointed out "I think they think you want to party in one of their hotel rooms." They totally thought that actually. They kept telling me "You can reserve a room for four people, or you could reserve many rooms." I can picture it now...
"Ok people, listen up! Please don't spill the red wine on the carpets and do not look through other people's luggage. Keep the children off the stairs, out of the elevators and please do not invite people from rooms 213 and higher because they are not part of the guest list. Just be polite and ask them to move on. You can sit anywhere from room 140 - 211 and cake is in 212. Bon appetite and merci for coming! "
I think I am going to send an email to Cyr's Mom and ask for help. If she is anything like an American future in-law she should have a little part of her that wants to help, right? She's actually been fantastic to me and I really like her so I'm hoping that will work. I'm also going to give some of my French friends a call. Get ready for me Marine and Jeanne...I'm stalking you next week.

I do have one thing done; we have the church!! Oh, plus a dress and we picked out rings. I keep getting people calling and emailing asking about hotels and travel and all kinds of stuff. Damn, when did people start planning for things at the end of October in June!! That's like 5 months away! I know, people with families need time and all that stuff. Yes, I get it. I know. I promise I will take my broken-ass-French-speaking self to hotels next week so that I can at least recommend something that doesn't have a strange oder when you walk into the lobby. I seriously doubt I will be able to find a reception place, I think we will probably end up doing a restaurant for dinner and drinks afterwards. You might have to come to Houston for the late night dancing scene.

So, goals for next week;
  1. Find two hotels to recommend to people. One 3/4 star and one economical choice.
    1. Yes...I KNOW it needs to be easily accessible to the train station or found by taxi.
  2. Email future mother-in-law for advice
  3. Call French friends for help/advice
Man, I think this would actually be fun if it were being done in Houston. I feel like I could plan the Houston one in a week. As a matter of fact I will probably have that puppy done by Thanksgiving and it will be in March. I already know a place I want to book...


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your wedding plans and try to take one thing at a time..

Maybe check out if you need to recommend hotels for your guests to stay at.

Leesa said...

Hi there Susan....

Thanks for visiting my blog this a.m. I wanted to tell you that the show, "Criminal Minds" with Shemar Moore DOES show in France.. I just don't know what it's called but I've seen it on tv here before... I called up my friend and told him the next time he talks to Shemar to tell him that he has a big fan in France... My friend actually got to talk to him 'cuz he is working on the show and said Shemar is super nice!!!
Good luck with all of your wedding plans.. I'll stop by and check out your blog again... Let me know if you guys ever make it over here to Paris.. we can meet up for coffee... Take care, Leesa : )