Thursday, June 19, 2008

How to Make Paella, French Style...

I decided to buy some meals that I could cook on my own. I figured all I would need to do would be to enter the directions in the Google translation tool and voila, I would have a meal!

Step 1:
"In a large skillet, heat a medium heat 2 soup spoons of olive oil. Pour the rice and let it brown for 2 minutes. About stirring occasionally."
Ok, not too bad. I have it so far. I can find a soup spoon.

Step 2:
"Pour 30 cl water on the stove (a proportion using the trait dosage inscribed on the shield) add the contents of the packet of spices. Mix and as soon distribute the content of the box garnish on rice."

Ok, just going to ignore the "trait dosage" thing and use 30 cl of water. I think that is 300 ml right?

Step 3:
"Mix again, wear a ebullition then cover the stove and cook a low heat about 20 minutes until a absorption of broth."

Really? I have to wear "a ebullition" while cooking? Well I am not sure I have one of those laying around. If I do, I don't know if I want to wear it all alone. I think I might save that for when Cyr is back in town. I had no idea how involved French cuisine was.


Melissa said...

I am still in shock!

Cyr. said...

"Porter à ébulition" means "Bring to boiling point"...
You gave me a good laugh this morning, I love you so much!